Get The Strap

Right before my morning run, my 5-day old Fitbit strap crumbled right before
my eyes. The parts that you connect to hold the device in place.

I was quite annoyed and resorted to using sticky tape for me to complete my

My run was stronger than previously, and my mind was more alert. Throughout
my day, I got those ‘judgemental’ looks from those who passed by my way.

I can mind-read – They were thinking, ‘why doesn’t she just buy a new strap?’

I did, 5 days ago. This is it.

I’m currently on my journey to weight loss, I’m not going to allow a faulty
strap to hinder my modern way, of recording steps. I don’t care how foolish I
look with sticky tape holding my FitBit together.

I’m on a challenging, exciting and adventurous journey.

Stay in your lane and mind your own business.

Published by Unique

I don't write. I create. #EveryHeartbeatCounts

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